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Bank Of Khyber

New! The Bank of Khyber ballot results are out.

The Bank Of Khyber (BOK) has made an offer for sale of 41,100,000 shares to the general public by way of an Initial Public Offering. The offering is being made at a price of PKR 15/share with premium at PKR 5/share. One may purchase shares in increments of 500.

The Bank of Khyber was established in 1991 as a provincial commercial bank through an act of the North West Frontier Province (NWFP) Assembly. BoK reached scheduled bank status in 1994. The provincial government is its major shareholder. It has a network of over 20 branches. BOK is the first formal and structured initiative by a commercial bank in Pakistan to broaden its client base and reach the micro-enterprise market. You can find out more about the public offering on their site.

The trading of shares on the provisional counter began on December 30, 2005. All Pakistani residents and non-residents, provident, pension, gratuity and trust funds, and corporate entities are allowed to subscribe for the shares. The subscription list will open Insha-Allah at the commencement of banking hours on January 25, 2006 and will close at the end of banking hours on January 27, 2006.

BOK's provisional trade history is available here.

To apply for shares in this public offering, please download and fill out the application form.

If you have any questions regarding BOK or require assistance with the application form, please don't hesitate to contact Mr Faisal Rasheed or Mr Ashraf Rahmani at (042) 636-8585, (042) 636-8555, or (042) 631-4141. You may also email us at info@dryasirmahmood.com.

Investors are STRONGLY advised to read the contents of the Offer For Sale Document carefully before subscribing to BOK shares.